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  • Congratulations to the research group of Prof. Lin Hai for winning the first prize of the "2020 Non-metallic Mineral Science and Technology Award"

    Release time: 2020-11-23

    From October 20 to October 21, the "2020 Non-Metallic Mineral Science and Technology Award Review Meeting" hosted by China Non-Metallic Mining Industry Association was held in Mingguang City, Anhui Province. A total of 22 projects participated in the review and defense. Among them, the basic research project of "Natural Zeolite Microstructure Modification and Surface Property Regulation and Its Mechanism of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal" by Prof. Lin Hai’s research group from the School of Energy and Environmental Engineering of University of Science and Technology Beijing was strictly checked and reviewed by the expert group, and finally won the first prize in the basic research category. Lin Hai, He Yinhai, Dong Yingbo, Huo Hanxin, Liu Quanli, Wang Liang, Liu Junfei are main members of this project.


    Non-metallic minerals and their functional materials are important supporting materials for the development of national economy and society and the development of high-tech industries. In order to further promote scientific and technological innovation in the field of non-metallic minerals, and to play the role of scientific and technological rewards in promoting and leading scientific and technological innovation, According to the "Guiding Opinions on Further Encouraging and Regulating Social Forces to Establish Science and Technology Awards" by the Ministry of Science and Technology, The China Non-Metallic Mining Industry Association formally established the "Non-metallic Mineral Science and Technology Award" in 2018 (National Award Office No. 0301). Project categories are divided into basic research, technological invention, scientific and technological progress, and scientific and technological public welfare. This award represents the highest technological level in our country’s non-metallic mining industry. Since its establishment three years ago, it has been actively supported by governments, scientific research institutes, industry backbone enterprises, and various local associations in various industrial clusters in non-mining industry, which has strongly supported the high-quality development of the non-metallic mining industry.

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