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  • Lecture on "Water Pollution Control Engineering Course Design and Graduation Design"

    Release time: 2020-10-23

    In order to help the graduate students majoring in Environmental Engineering to have a better understanding of the design of water pollution control engineering, the Department of Environmental Science and Engineering of the USTB invited Mr. Xuefeng Rao, an alumnus of our department and a senior engineer of Capital Engineering & Research Incorporation Limited. He delivered a lecture on "Water pollution control engineering course design and graduation design" in classroom 401 of Yifu Building on the afternoon of October 12, 2020. All students of Environmental Engineering major grade 2017 participated in the lecture and Dr. Shikun Cheng presided over the lecture.

    The lecture was divided into two parts: experience sharing and question answering. In the first part, Engineer Rao explained the design process and key points of wastewater treatment plants according to his own engineering experience. Firstly, he started from each stage of water pollution engineering design and introduced in detail the scheme design, report for a feasibility study, construction design, etc. Then, Engineer Rao shared the experience of project design based on several cases of his participation and specifically described the drawing method of layout chart and elevation map. Through the analysis of actual cases, students have consolidated the professional knowledge learned in class and have a more intuitive understanding of the course design. After that, Engineer Rao put forward some suggestions on the course design: first, the equipment selection should be mainly combined with operation cost and floor area in the preliminary design; second, the core water quality index, also known as the index with the most strict requirements should be focused when determining the treatment process.


    The second part was to answer the questions. The students actively put forward the problems encountered in the process of course design and got detailed answers from Engineer Rao. Through this part, students not only increased their professional knowledge but also had a clearer idea for course design. Finally, Engineer Rao summarized some common empirical value in engineering design and illustrated the important four lines namely: waterline, airline, sludge line, and dosing line, and also recommended some professional reference design manuals.


    This lecture provided students with an opportunity for face-to-face communication with the engineer. Through this lecture, students can now design a wastewater treatment plant from a more professional perspective and better complete the course design and graduation design of water pollution control engineering.

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