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  • A letter from Guest Professor Heinz-Peter Mang to Chinese students during the COVID-19 outbreak

    Release time: 2020-10-16

    Heinz-peter Mang, full-time guest professor of Environmental Science and Engineering at USTB, was very concerned about the situation of our Chinese students during the COVID-19 outbreak. He sincerely wrote a letter to our Chinese students to show his encouragement and concern. In his letter, he encouraged us to have firm convictions and calm thinking, and called on us to make full use of our expertise to jointly safeguard the world's human health. The details of the letter as follows:

    The water and sanitation crisis claim more lives through diseases than any war claims through weapons (United Nations Human Development Report ‘Water Fact’ 2012)

    In every crisis there is at least one chance (Martin Luther King).

    Dear All, students, friends and colleagues, 

    We think of all of you and wish very much that you do not lose hope. Times are certainly very hard not only for young, for all aspiring people. But in every crisis, there is an opportunity - we just have to recognize and use it.

    As you are studying in CSES, you are probably already aware that the sanitation sector needs innovative education and technology concepts, strategies, software and hardware, in order to protect people from deadly diseases through viruses and pathogens.

    During your extended holidays and homework periods, forced by COViD-19, please benefit from the break and rethink with calm and scientific professionalism the existing sanitation systems. Make full use of your knowledge and your well-trained brains and push your country and the world to a higher level of hygiene and health, and a better life for all. 

    We trust you, as we trust that the health authorities will do the right thing, and we rely on you!

    All the best, take care.

    Heinz-Peter Mang & Elisabeth Huba

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