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  • Summer Course of Wastewater treatment and Application in North America

    Release time: 2020-10-13

    Beijing University of Science and Technology recognizes the importance to improve students' English communication skills and teamwork ability, and develop students' ability to properly plan and design treatment processes to meet current and future water quality requirements while considering facility operational and construction cost.  The Beijing University of Science and Technology recommends a summer course, Wastewater treatment and Application in North America, lectured by a wastewater treatment specialist with practical designing experiences in North America Zhifei Hu, currently working at Black & Veatch, one of the largest water engineering consulting firms in North America, will be lecturing from 25 August 2020 to 30 August 2020.

    In this course, Professor Zhifei Hu will review the fundamental principles of sewage treatment (preliminary, primary, secondary, and tertiary treatment technologies), sludge treatment and management approaches, and odourous air treatment technologies. He will demonstrate how wastewater treatment principles and processes are applied in real world with case studies in North America. 

    Through this course, students can not only obtain a deeper understanding of sewage, sludge and odourous air treatment processes, but also can learn how North America countries (Canada and U.S.A) plan and design their infrastructures to management municipal sewage.  In addition, it can also promote in-depth exchanges and cooperation between universities and consulting firms, and lay a solid foundation for knowledge exchanges and cooperation in talent training, scientific research and other fields.

    Class Schedule


    Lecture topic

    Lecture professor

    Aug   25th


    sewage   treatment fundamental principles, wastewater infrastructure planning and regulations)

    Zhifei Hu

    Aug   26th


    sewage   treatment (Preliminary Treatment and Primary Treatment )

    Zhifei Hu

    Aug   29th


    sewage   treatment (Secondary, Tertiary Treatment, and disinfection)

    Zhifei Hu

    Aug   30th


    Sludge Management Strategies and   Treatment Technologies

    In-Class Exam

    Zhifei Hu

    Professor Profile

    Dr. Zhifei Hu graduated from Dalhousie University in Civil Engineering in 2006 and is a registered Engineer in Ontario, Canada. Working for Black & Veatch (over 11,000 employees), one of North America's largest water and environmental engineering consulting firms, is the Director in charge of Ontario business and operation. Dr. Zhifei Hu specializes in the planning, design and construction management of various urban and industrial sewage treatment projects. He has published more than 40 papers and journal articles. With teaching experience in institutions of higher learning, he was invited to teach Wastewater Treatment for undergraduates at Sheridian College in Canada in 2014-2015.

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