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  • Summer Course of Renewable Energy and Energy Storage

    Release time: 2020-09-24

    In order to promote students to learn more about the principles and technologies of renewable energy and to understand the impact of renewable energy on future energy, environmental protection and resource utilization. At the same time improve students' English communication skills. The University of Birmingham and the University of Science and Technology Beijing  organized a summer course "Renewable Energy and Energy Storage Technology". For this course, Prof. Li Yongliang from University of Birmingham and Prof. Zhang Lingling from University of Science and Technology Beijing were invited to give lectures from August 24th to August 27th , 2020.



    In this course, the themes of Prof. Li Yongliang's and Prof. Zhang Lingling's report introduced the energy storage technologies associated with renewable energy utilization. Solar, wind, biomass, geothermal, hydro, and wave energy were all introduced. The course also introduced heat and electricity storage technologies, as well as their application and commercial aspects for electricity grid balancing. 

    Through this course, students not only gained a broad and deep understanding of renewable energy and energy storage technologies and their advantages and disadvantages, but also were able to choose appropriate technologies when faced with simple engineering design tasks. The students said that they benefited a lot from the course.

    At the same time, this course also broadened students' international vision, promoted international teaching and academic exchanges, and laid a good foundation for improving the teaching practice of our school and promoting discipline construction.

    Foreign Professor Profile

    Li Yongliang, male, graduated from the University of Leeds in 2011 with a doctorate degree. He has been a lecturer at the University of Birmingham, UK since 2014, and was promoted to a senior lecturer (associate professor, tenure) in 2016. He has long been engaged in teaching and research activities related to new energy and energy storage technology. He teaches courses in thermodynamics and energy systems, and has carried out a lot of basic research and applied technology research in energy materials, heat and mass transfer process, system optimization control and application integration. He has published more than 70 academic papers and applied for 5 invention patents, and won many awards including Dorothy Hodgkin Award (British Engineering and Natural Sciences Research Council), National Self-financed Study Abroad Award (CSC), Cooperative Development Award (British Council), etc.

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